5 Wedding Color Trends 2016

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Hello Lovebirds!

It's been a long time since we post here.
Sorry for delayed post and such. Now we're gonna share to you the main trend for 2016 color pantone. Who's exciting? We're axciting now! Haha. As you may know, color is the main important thing to decide for your wedding day.

Just like what we posted before here that the pastel color invading is back! Oh, and don't forget about the shades of blue and cheerful yellow!

Here we show you the breakdown about the color list!

1. Rose Quartz 

Pink is a classic color for wedding decorations and the first trending wedding color in 2016 is Rose Quartz, which is a shade of pink color. Rose Quartz is soothing, calming nature of colors. A persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys love and tranquility.

2. Peach Echo

A cheerful yet lovely, Peach Echo is becoming trend this year. It brings warmth and frienlier ambiance. This  shade of orange will goes well with pink and gold will successfully add a touch of romance and glam to it.

3. Serenity

Just like as its name, Serenity will give you a sense of composure and make your party feels so comfortable. Make a pastel combo by combine this light blue shade with its sister, Rose Quartz, and voila, a very calm and peacefull wedding wiil be yours.

4. Snorkel Blue

Another shade of blue with a little bit of boldness. As a color that brings maritim-inpired, Snorkel Blue is a close family with Navy Blue, but with more happier and energetic feel. This color intantly gives you a chic party without decreasing the romantic impression since the coor is rich and deep.

Put some your favorite color to be paired with these beautiful color can bring a 'personal vibes' into your wedding. Following trend doesn't mean lost your personal touch, right? So, have you decided your color?

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