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When you plan a wedding, whether it’s a beachfront bash, a rustic party, or ballroom party, the venue sets the stage for the event. However, once the venue is selected, and the theme determined, it is the décor that really brings the celebration to life. So, when planning the décor, the designer will pays specific attention to the VIP tables. This table should be outstanding and has a special decoration. Why? Because it would be the ‘throne’ for the bride and the groom, right?

Here we give you some advices to beautify your VIP table. Remember, it should be great since it will be a night which is always remembers by the guests!

1. Long VIP Table

A long VIP table is the easiest table to décor. It could be explored as much as you want. But still, there are some important things that you should take a more attention when you choose this table as your VIP table.

Reach High Break up the long, narrow tables with height. This will give your tables some dimension. Be creative: Alternate between ceramic vases and candlesticks. You can mix another center pieces, you can lining the middle of each table with tall candlesticks and on place settings by way of the menu or place cards.

- Play Up With Details Don't settle on ordinary details. A long table could be exploring more. It has a lot of space to fill. The trick here is to keep in mind that not every inch has to be covered

- Run Long Elongate the table by working the middle zone. Add texture by layering a graphic runner over a solid tablecloth. If you aren't into doubling up on linens, then let your centerpieces step in.

2. Round VIP Table

There's a reason why we all love rounds (aside from the conversational benefits!). Circles don't need to follow any rules; they can mesh with just about any scenario. But! This table the most tricky when it comes into VIP table, why? Because it could be blend easily with your guest table, so, take more attention into it!

- Invite An Accent Too much white can be a little boring. Why not disperse a metallic, like gold in specific areas? Or a vibrant coordinated linens to make a pretty presentation

- Make it Outstanding! Use a tall floral centerpiece to fill a large reception space and also to draw attention to the head table. Or try something different like unique arrangement with three branch or peacock shape maybe?

- Bring your signature styles! Like really, like we said before, a round VIP table will blend easily with the guess table.  Subtle details often make a much prettier presentation. A little details like your personal style. Yup, your guests will take note!

- Layer It On If you’re not into something which too blinking or too vibrant, bring in some texture through patterns like damask, florals, or stripes in a crisp ivory or eggshell. It will liven up your table.

- Be Unique! There are the napkins, cutlery, glasses and plates. If you would like to make an even more spectacular effect, adding a unique shape of plates, beautiful silverware, along with napkin origami, it will make an impressive look to your round table.

3. Best View Type VIP Table Decorating

A best view table type could be a great option as your VIP table. It’s outstanding and easily notices as a VIP table. But, make sure you bring the right decoration onto it.

- Take a Low. Fill your table with fresh-cut combination of florals and place them in lower arrangement. You know, you don’t want to cover up your face with tall flower arrangement, right? The guest won’t notice you with those tall flower arrangement..

Bring In Circles. Incorporate round accents to keep from feeling too edgy. It will balance and sweeten your short table (this type has a shorter table since it has fewer people who sits at the VIP table).

Light It Up. Seat cushions are a soft way of drizzling a hint of color into your party spot (especially if you're tackling an outdoor space). Pick a hue that coordinates well with the rest of the palette. Cover the seat pads with a ‘pop’ shades.

Add Formality. Overexposing your VIP tables immediately brings a casual feel. Trick it with glam table cloth, a luxurious detail, or blooming flower.

So, pick the right decoration for the right table! ;)

Be well,
Steve’s Decor

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