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As a bride and groom, you may want to give the best for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. Flower, candle, or another detail must be the number one concern for your decoration. Today we would like to share you about how to arrange your table centerpiece. Your guess may give you a plus when you know how to put the right centerpiece on the table, since tall centerpiece –instead of the dramatic effect- has some downsides like ‘it covers you from your friend in front of you’ or ‘it’s too big so you can’t see what exactly happen on the wedding’. So, we give you these mini floral arrangements which allow guests to view and converse with each other across the table, without making your table look plain.


For sleek and minimalist, you can pair flowers with clear vessels, give them room to be wild and lush, and you'll never again equate modern with cold. They could certainly hold their own in a downtown loft or art gallery, they're refreshingly free of attitude. Place dahlia, mums, some leaves, and small amount of baby’s breath with small arrangements inside the clear vessels. You can change the dahlia with other big crown flower like sunflower to give it some bright touch of color.


For a rustic and vintage lover, this centerpiece may be best choice to do. Ask your vendor for vintage glass bottles or mason jar, and filled each with bunch of baby’s breath flower. You can wrap the jar with burlap and put some candles to decorate the wooden tables at the wedding. It instantly gives you the rustic vintage vibes.


If you think that flower is way too main stream, you can change the situation atmosphere with something different like candle. The classic and warm feeling will instantly come to your party. Choose the simple one for romantic and elegant effect, and choose the mason jar style for fun and vintage effect.


You’re a youthful and fun bride? Like something bright? Try this one! This unique and fresh centerpiece is the best choice to brighten your party. You can put orange or lemon slice inside the mason jar then arrange the flowers. White snapdragon or baby’s breath will complement the bright color from the fruit. For more colorful effect, you can ask your vendor to put another fruit like strawberry or kiwi.


If you want something different from flower but more dramatic than candle, you may try lantern for your centerpiece. Lantern becomes popular nowadays because it gives you many styles depend on the design and color. If you want to make a rustic party, choose the vintage one, morocco style for glamour party, and white or silver painted lantern for beach or winter theme.


There’s something innately cute about pom pom centerpiece. They are airy, soft, and elegant, plus they have the added benefit of being good alternative instead of buying flowers – artificial or otherwise. This cute centerpiece can easily make from tile, doily paper, tissue paper, or cupcake liner. Sounds fun, right?


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