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How are you? We hope that everything is doing fine. Planning an outdoor wedding is one of good choice when you want to beautify your wedding with nature touch. This kind of wedding also brings intimacy between your guests, since an outdoor wedding is better for intimate party. Before you set your outdoor wedding, make sure you prepare it well. A wedding tent can make your vision come to life and guarantee a flawless occasion. But first, you have to make sure that you choose the right venue. Check the weather on your wedding month. Is it sunny, windy, or rainy, so you can anticipate it. Tents can be pitched just about anywhere. Choose your favorite park or even outside a gorgeous villa to stake the tent. Whether you're going for formal or casual, tents come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Tents provide you with countless decorating opportunities and styles, and allow you to create any atmosphere you want. Here we show you some ways to bring up the ambiance you want with the right hanging decoration for your tent.

Glam Your Party
Although a garden setting delivers plenty of charm all on it’s own, a few glamorous accents never hurt. Don’t be hesitate to put the chandelier fixtures. They’re oh-so-sparkly, romantic, sexy and they bring a touch of vintage sophistication to any celebration.

Drapped it Up!
Add dimension to your space with canopy fabric draped at different heights and eye-catching lights. The drapes can transform any tent into the vintage feels you've always dreamed of. You can incorporate organza overlays and coloured tiebacks to match your chair cover sashes.

Your Fairy Land
It's tempting to focus all of your attention on decking out the tables and anything at eye level. But when it comes to decorations, don't forget to look up! You can string twinkle lights from the rafters to create an ambiance straight out of a romantic Disney story.

Classic and Chic
You can go with any kind of lovely cage to decorate your upper part of your wedding tent.. This kind of hanging decoration will bring light-and-airy look without left the elegance feeling because of the classic and chic effect they give.

Bring Your Romantic Vibes
The more you bring into your tent, the warmer it will feel. To set the mood you can  choose a little candle and put it in the jar. Light up surrounding the VIP table to catch the attention from your guest. This candle-light-party kind of thing surely the romantic one.

Hanging The Flowers!
When you think about a chandelier, the chances are that the first picture that crosses your mind is that of a grand, glamorous, oversized chandelier. But it does not have to be like that! Here is a pretty hanging flower chandelier as your other option.

Sleek and Clean
You can never go wrong with green and white palletes! This duo will combo your party with sleek and clean feeling without ‘too ordinary’ feeling. This simplycity trully pull the luxury from your party.

Vintage - Rustic Party
If you're a rustic bride, Ask your decor vendor to put any branches. Mixed it with greenery and industrial light bulb to complete the look. They dangled out of the ceiling magically, and they definitely have a lovely effect.

Lovely Paper Lantern
Paper lanterns are one of the most effective and simply ways to add  ‘wow’ to a tent or outdoor space whether you’re going for a whimsical look or something more sophisticated, because it looks amazing grouped together in single colors and shapes.

From chandelier to lanterns to anything in between, we’re in love with this romantic and stunning trend. Hanging wedding decor definitely adds a layer of luxury and detail to any wedding ceremony or reception.

So, which of our picks is your favorite?

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