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When you plan a wedding, you need to decide what your wedding theme first. There are so many themes for wedding nowadays. You can go with any kind of theme that match your personality, but if you still confused to decide what theme you should do for your wedding, here we give you some favorites themes that could complete your wedding reception looks. 

Simply Classic

If both of you are ‘less is more’ couple when approach to decorating. This theme will suit you better. Find the best venue then ask your decoration vendor to ‘complete’ your venue. It means that you don’t need to overdue your party, just put something important which not provided by venue. But take a note to yourself that ‘simply’ doesn’t mean ‘ordinary’! Be classy and be elegant. 

Vintage Style

Oh well, though this style looks old, but this style never getting old! Pastel color will be the perfect match for this style. Pair it with some rose, laces and pearl, then WALA you’re done! Ooh, don’t forget to put you birdcages, flower arrangements in old cans and mason jars, or maybe you can put fairy lights to make it more romantic. Just dressed your venue in a vintage style and bring the warmth feeling inside your party. 

Seaside Feel

We’re calling all beach lovers bride and groom to try this style for your reception. A message in bottles and seaside windmills will be great for centerpiece. You can make a ‘wall of memories’ where you can place your old photos from a fish net and decorate it with sea shells, sprinkle sands, and anything that brings the sea vibes. You also can name your tables with famous beaches around the world! 

Rustic Theme

Well for us, there is something about rustic theme. It’s not only trend, or a fad. It’s a style which pulls all of your creativity into your wedding. You can wrap you rustic wedding with textures, something natural, patter, industrial bulb, or fairy lights. It’s sweet yet elegant, full of creativity, warm and filled with character details. This what makes rustic wedding feels so warm and personal. Rustic wedding can be some of the most beautiful and inventive of all. 

Shabby Chic

This style is imitated in faux printing using glaze or by painting then rubbing and sanding away the top coat to show the wood or base coats, known as "distressing" the finish of the furniture. You can elaborate it with flower swag, garland, and other motifs may be added. Or you can use some fabrics like cottons and linens, inspired by old French linens. Pure whites, floral patterns with pastel colors, linen in earth tones,  or soft neutral colors such as sky blue, rose pink and beige tones are favorites. Hints from French-style interior design often show in shabby chic homes such as Rococo-style lighting fixtures, furniture or wall paneling. 

Classic Garden Party

Capturing the charming ambiance of a classic garden wedding venue is a fun thing to do! The decorative cues are all there: fragrant flowering plants, lush greenery, grassy patches, or meandering paths. You can decorate your wedding with tea lights and chandeliers to bring the classy-ness inside your garden. If you plan your wedding outdoor, you don’t need work too much since the venue is already provides that you need. But when you plan your wedding indoor, make sure you put some trees inside the hall to bring the garden ambiance.

So, what’s your favorite one? It doesn’t rule out the possibility that you could mix them together! Have a great day!

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