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Hello love birds!

Marriage is the most important thing in your life, and when you start to think about your wedding day there are so many things come across in your mind. What about the theme? What about the flower? What the decoration and so on.

Aaaand today we want to share to you about a popular theme which never too old for your wedding day. It’s rustic theme. Well, for us, there is something about rustic theme. It’s not only trend, or a fad. It’s a style which pulls all of your creativity into your wedding.  It’s sweet yet elegant, creative, warm, and so much more.

Rustic wedding usually filled with textures, something natural, pattern, and other character details. This what makes rustic wedding feels so warm and personal.

Here we gonna show you a glimpse of what we gathered from or works on real wedding with rustic theme! So, what are some fun details decorations that define a rustic wedding?

1.       Mason jar
This petite and never-feels-oldschool jar will complete your rustic wedding. It just like a trademark for a rustic wedding since it could be a vase for your centerpiece, or a jar for your candles.

2.       Burlap, lace, linen
You’ll never go wrong with these kinds of fabric on your rustic wedding. They will beautify your mason jar perfectly and they work wonderfully to be a runner on your table.

3.       Wooden Element
Never skip this baby! A handmade wooden sign will work like a charm in your rustic wedding. Put it as your table number or an initial sign. You also can use a vintage wooden door and window as a background on your photo booth or photo gallery. Oh, wooden tiffany chair will look gorgeous too!

4.       Industrial lamp
This yellowish bulb lamp will bring a warm and romantic feeling on your wedding. You can hang it asymmetrically on your VIP table, or spread it on every branch that you could find around your wedding area. Believe us they will brightens your wedding without looking too much even when you put them all around the venue. 

5.       Herbs, and branch!
What makes rustic wedding could feel so pretty is you can go with herbs or branch to complete the natural feeling. FYI, you can mix the herbs and branch with your favorite flower. You can put the herbs inside the mason jar and hanging it. Or you just simple put them on the table along with the centerpiece.

We can go on and on because you can mix the rustic theme with another complement details. Just let your creativity plays with it!


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