Bright Color Inspiration For Outdoor Wedding

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Hi lovebird,

This is our first post and we're so happy that finally we can start our blog! 
From this blog, we try to give you information and inspiration. We hope that it would help solving your problem. So, to start this first post, we’ll give some color inspiration for your memorable wedding, especially for you who plan to hold a outdoor wedding.

When talking about outdoor wedding, something likes sweet garden, flower, fresh and hot beach will cross into your mind immediately. Well, outdoor wedding still be favorite because the weather and scenery instantly gives you a beautiful feels. Some bright color will pop up and reign over the market. Meanwhile, some darker color will also show their beauty.

Scuba Blue

The first color is scuba blue. A stunning color if you are planning a beach wedding. This shade is fresh and bright. If you plan to make this color as your main color, make sure to not make it too stand out. Too soften it, you may pair it with dusty pink or peach pink and -not too much- white, you also can pair it with some of icy grey color. Or you can pair it with orchid to achieve some vibrant look. It would make your wedding feels so exotic without feels too cheerful. A vase colored scuba blue must look so gorgeous paired with dusty pink or peach pink rose. 

Watermelon Pink

A fresh yet girly color for your outdoor wedding. Honestly, pink is rarely use for wedding main color. But this shade is more flattering than any kind of blue-undertone-hue-pinks. It pink and has warm undertone in it. This color works well to brighten up your wedding without cheap feelings, as long as you know another color to pair up. Add this color to your hand bouquet, napkin, centerpiece, or little candle on table. Soft yellow, deep orange and green will complete this color wisely. You can mix watermelon pink carnation with yellow rose or deep orange dahlia with a little hint of green.


We must admit that this color is very juicy and drop dead gorgeous color! But unfortunately, it becomes very rare color chooses by bride because it is too energizing, no? Why not calm this color down with pastel color like dusty pink, mint green or green leaf. Tangerine may look gorgeous on your hand bouquet, table linen, or napkin. It may looks good too on your little details like ribbon on your white napkin (if you think that tangerine napkin looks too bright for your preference), on your family’s corsage, or big bow on your tiffany chair.


Marsala is a very deep plumy – red brown shade. This warm and rich shade will bring an elegant yet sophisticated feel on your outdoor wedding. Since it’s a dark but outstanding color, you have to pair it with soft tone color like lavenders and broken white, or you can pair it with bright color like oranges, yellows, and gold to avoid dullness. Marsala hydrangea, marsala cymbidium orchid, or marsala gerbera must be look amazing for beautiful arrangement setting look. You also can try spicy red rose petals sown along your aisle.


Raspberry is bright plumy shade with purple undertone –this Marsala’s sister- is an easy color to use in a strong theme. It’s rich but not too dark compared to Marsala. It would work well with deep purple shade and yellow mustard with gold sheen. Put it on your centerpiece with Raspberry gerbera, alstroemeria, ombre purple lisianthus or lily. Put this color on your table cloth, and voila! Glamorous and sensual wedding is your own now! 

So, have you decide your color? ;)

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